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5 Examples of Creative Control

 , March 14, 2017
Creative control is the authority to make decisions in the context of a creative project. This authority can apply at different stages of a creative process. The following are illustrative examples.


A popular writer has the power to negotiate for creative control over a script when selling film rights. The creative control ends with approval of the script and doesn't apply to overruling the director on the set or approval of the final cut of the film.

Urban Design

An urban design process consults neighborhood residents about a new system of living streets. Urban designers collect ideas and design a proposal that goes to city council who approve the final plan.


A creative director at an ad agency has final call on all pitches to clients. Teams are commonly asked to create multiple proposals that are then selected or rejected by the creative director.


The director of a particular film has creative control over the set and the scenes that are shot. However, the production company retains creative control over the final cut of the film. This is done because investors want to make sure the film is commercially viable. For example, the director may prefer to make the film longer than standard whereas this is often unpopular with audiences.


A band shares creative control with a system of voting when there is a disagreement.
Overview: Creative Control
TypeCreative Process
Definition The authority to make decisions in the context of a creative project.
Related ConceptsAuthority
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