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What is Brand Recognition?

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Brand recognition is the extent to which the public can correctly identify products and services by their brand including factors such as logo, color, slogan or style. In many cases, customers are more likely to choose a brand they have heard of, even if they know nothing about it.


Brand recognition is evaluated by showing customers the visual symbols of your brand such as a logo, package or product and testing if they can identity it. This can be measured as the percentage of people who recognize your brand symbols.
brand recognition = (number of customers who recognize brand / number of customers asked) × 100
For example, a chain restaurant asks 30 customers to identify the brand's logo. The logo is mixed in with other brand logos to reduce lucky guesses. A total of 8 customers can correctly identify the logo.
brand recognition = (8/30) × 100 = 26.6%
Brand recognition can be calculated for any visual symbols of a brand including products themselves. For example, the percentage of customers who can identify a fashion designer by looking at fashion photographs.


Brand awareness is easier to calculate and is a more common metric.
Overview: Brand Recognition
The public's ability to recognize the symbols of your brand.
Customers tend to place more trust in what they recognize.
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