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What is Animation Architecture?

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Animation architecture is the practice of developing computer generated simulations of architectural projects as a tool for reviewing and refining a design. The first 3d animation architectures were produced as early as the mid-1970s. Visualizing the spatial qualities of a new structure is difficult. Animation architecture is a tool to identify improvements to a design before construction starts.


Quickly prototyping a large number of architectural concepts.
Visualizing the complexities of an architectural space to identify improvements before construction starts.
Winning business and achieving client sign off milestones.


Historically animation architecture was an expensive and slow undertaking that was typically more costly than small physical models. In other words, it was something that was prepared to impress clients. Modern tools challenge this paradigm whereby animation architecture can be generated on the fly and used to test early stage ideas.
Overview: Animation Architecture
The practice of developing computer generated movies of architectural projects.
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