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Cultural Diffusion vs Cultural Appropriation

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Cultural diffusion is the process of one culture influencing another. This is a basic process of culture and society that has existed since prehistoric times. Cultures and subcultures influence or copy each other. Copies are always imperfect resulting in something new. In many cases, this reverberates backwards to the original culture or subculture. For example, some variations of American sushi are now popular in Japan. This interplay between cultures is essential to art, ideas and the progress of humanity.
Cultural appropriation is a term for cultural diffusion that is seen as disrespectful or mocking. For example, a Halloween costume based on racial stereotypes may be hurtful to people. The term cultural appropriation is also extended to the idea of taking something that has deep meaning in one culture such as a religious symbol and using it for something trivial such as a fashion ornament.

Freedom of Speech

Cultural appropriation is a central theme of political correctness and is sometimes adopted with excessive and oppressive zeal that threatens freedom of speech, expression and creativity.
Cultural Diffusion vs Cultural Appropriation
Cultural Diffusion
Cultural Appropriation
The influence of cultures on each other.
Cultural diffusion that is perceived as insulting or disrespectful.
Emulating another culture out of enthusiasm for it.
Mocking another culture or casually copying it in a disrespectful way.


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