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7 Definitions of Design

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Design is the process of crafting change. This is an expansive practice that creates visuals, sensory experiences, interactive environments, experiences, processes, structures, products and services. Design, unlike art, is constrained by factors such as requirements, costs and available resources. As such, design is also a fundamental type of problem solving that produces practical outcomes. The following are possible definitions of design.
(1) The process of making concepts reality.
(2) The synthesis of practical and beautiful things both tangible and intangible.
(3) The art of crafting experiences.
(4) The planning of visuals, sensory experience and functionality.
(5) The human creative capacity for shaping the world.
(6) The language of problem-solving.
(7) The expression of culture with material and intangible artifacts.

Other Definitions

The following are definitions of design from well known designers and design theorists.


The definition of design ideally covers everything that design can create. This includes everything that humans create including both tangible things like buildings and intangible things such as video game characters. The following are possible definitions of design.

Design Theory

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