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12 Types of Planning

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Planning is the process of detailing goals and how they will be achieved. It often involves collection of information, strategy formation, decision making and organization of tasks. The following are common types of planning.

Mission & Vision

Outlining your purpose and direction.


Deciding what you want to achieve.


Objectives are steps that get you to your goals. For example, the objective to pass a test that gets you closer to a goal of graduating with a degree.


Deciding upfront how you will measure or evaluate goals and objectives.


Methods for achieving objectives. In many cases, multiple strategies are developed and planning involves a decision making process of comparing and selecting strategies.


Breaking strategies into completable work items.


Estimating time and cost, often at the task level.


Obtaining resources and assigning tasks.


Scheduling tasks according to factors such as dependencies and your business calendar.


Identifying and treating risks to your plans.

Tactical Planning

Quick planning cycles that may skip directly to identifying tasks. Designed to respond to fast moving situations that represent opportunities or risks.

Contingency Planning

Planning for alternative scenarios. For example, planning what you will do if a merger falls apart at a late stage in the process.
Overview: Planning
The process of detailing goals and how they will be achieved.
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