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12 Examples of a User

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A user is a person who uses a product, service, tool, machine or technology. It is an extremely generic term that is often overly broad. The following are common examples of a user.


A customer who uses a product or service. For example, a customer who visits a library to borrow a book.

End User

A person who uses an item, even if they didn't buy it. For example, parents are often customers for toys and children are often end-users.


A person who visits a physical property such as a park or a digital property such as a website.


An employee who uses an application, device or tool.


A student who uses the services of a school.


A person who buys products and services for personal use.


A business that uses a product, service, facility or machine.


An organization such as a government department that uses a product, service or machine.


A person who operates a machine.

Pilots & Drivers

Pilots, drivers, bicyclists and other users of transportation equipment.


A person who uses the services of a building and community.


The people who use the services of a place such as a city or neighborhood.
Overview: User
A person who uses a product, service, tool, machine or technology.
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