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 , December 18, 2022 updated on March 12, 2023
The Simplicable design guide attempts to capture the foundations of design such as design concepts, principles and design culture. We try to avoid the obvious and cliche to list first principles and concepts that are interesting and potentially useful. This guide isn't technical or focused on any one area of design. As such, it may of general interest to professional designers or people who want to apply design to their work. Please check it out below.

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A comprehensive guide to design.

Design Composition

An overview of design composition with examples.

Design Requirements

A list of what is included in design requirements.

Words To Describe Style

A list of words to describe style.


A distinctive character that comes through in a creative work.

Design Business

A list of design businesses.

Design Research

An overview of design research with examples.

No Design

The definition of no design with examples.

Design Meaning

The basic meanings of design.

Graphic Design Examples

An overview of graphic design with examples.

Design Styles

A list of the foundational design styles.

Design Skills

A list of common design skills.


A glossary of customization terms.

Design Services

An overview of design services with examples.

Design Thinking

A list of design thinking techniques with examples.


The definition of context with examples.

Function Definition

A few definitions of function.

Fluid Intelligence

An overview of fluid intelligence with examples.


A general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem.

Cognitive Strengths

An overview of cognitive strengths with examples.

Design Definition

Definitions of design including from well known designers and design theorists.
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