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26 Examples of Design Styles

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A design style is the character that shines through in a creative work. These are applied to architecture, interiors, fashion, user interfaces, graphics and any other design that is visually experienced. Design styles are variously based on principles, approaches, traditions and trends whereby they can have an intellectual basis or can be visually inspired by other works. The following are the foundational design styles.
Classic - based on historical culture and traditions
Contemporary - following recent design trends
Cultural - following the aesthetics of a culture
Diy Aesthetic - emphasizing the non-professional and practical origins of a design
Eclectic - focusing on unique elements without worrying about cohesion
Flat - minimalism that considers usability
Form Follows Function - allowing usability to define style
Industrial - inspired by factories and other industrial architecture
International Style - bland minimalism that dominates architecture at a global level
Maximalist - more is more
Minimalist - reducing complexity for the sake of reducing complexity
Modern - following long running design practices that are still current
New Complexity - challenging the orthodoxy of minimalism in new ways
New Traditional - re-imagining traditions
Normcore - fashionable and tidy styles that do not try to be special
Organic - use of natural materials and styles that reflect nature
Period Styles - trying to copy historical styles
Postmodern - decorative, organic and complex styles that challenge minimalist orthodoxy
Retro - based on the designs of past decades
Reuse Aesthetic - emphasizing materials that are reused or recycled as a style
Rustic - country styles
Subculture - following the aesthetics of a subculture
Traditional - based on local culture and traditions
Transitional - keeping old elements that are mixed with the new
Truth to Materials - using practical materials and not pretending to do otherwise e.g. a mobile phone that doesn't pretend to be gold
Vernacular - original styles of architects / designers without formal training

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