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What is a Skeuomorph?

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A skeuomorph is a design that takes cues from the past or culture related to the thing being designed. As an example, a digital music interface might mimic the dials of an old stereo hardware component.
Skeuomorphs can take physical form and are common in architecture, product design and interior design. In this context they mimic elements that were previously necessary that have become obsolete or uncommon. For example, a single window may be styled to look like a paned window.
In most cases, skeuomorphs result in a classic look that may be valued in some contexts such as a luxury resort that wants to impart a sense of tradition in its architecture, landscape and interiors.
Overview: Skeuomorph
Definition (1)
A design that takes cues from its past.
Definition (2)
A decorative theme inspired by a historical feature.
Tends to result in a classic aesthetic.
The past is an excellent place to look for styling cues.
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