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7 Definitions of Function With Examples

Function is a word that is used to indicate how things fit together. The following are its basic definitions.
1. The role of something or someone.
His function was to open the door when customer arrive.
2. The purpose of something.
The function of the nose is to smell and breathe.
3. To work properly.
The computer isn't functioning.
4. A formal gathering.
The President attended the function.
5. [mathematics] A variable that depends on another variable.
The volume of water is a function of temperature.
6. [mathematics] An expression or rule that defines the relationship between two variables.
This function can be used to calculate the volume of water for a temperature at sea level.
7. [computer science] A computer subroutine that takes inputs and produces a single output.
The calculateIncome() function calculates net income.


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