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12 Types of Design Knowledge

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Design knowledge is the body of knowledge associated with design professions such as graphic design, product design and user experience design. The following are common types of design knowledge.

Design Philosophy

The culture, schools of thought and philosophy surrounding design.

Design Principles

Guidelines and rules of thumb that are useful to design such as form follows function or less is a bore.

Design Thinking

Common thought processes that go into design.

Color Theory

Knowledge related to color such as colorimetry, color models and color harmony.

Composition & Layout

Methods of arranging elements of a design such as the idea of dominance, symmetry and unity.

Interaction Design

Techniques for designing user interfaces.

Experience Design

Techniques for designing products, processes, services, events and environments that are pleasing to users.


Processes and methods for developing designs such as requirements analysis and prototyping.

Sustainable Design

Methods for developing designs that have a positive impact on the environment and quality of life.

Reliability Engineering

Designing things to endure over time in a variety of real world conditions.

Safety by Design

The practice of reducing risks to human health with design.

Human Factors

Techniques for designing to the edges.
Overview: Design Knowledge
The body of knowledge associated with design professions.
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