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A design is a plan to create something. Practically everything that people produce involves design. Likewise, intangible things such as processes can also be designed. The opposite of design is emergence whereby something is created without a plan. For example, a city can be designed with an urban plan or it can be left to emerge through the uncoordinated work of individual building projects. The following are common examples of design disciplines.
App Design
Brand Design
Character Design
Commercial Art
Communication Design
Construction Design
Costume Design
Craft Design
Digital Design
Editorial Design
Engineering Design
Environmental Design
Ergonomic Design
Exhibition Design
Experiment Design
Fashion Design
Floral Design
Game Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Information Architecture
Infrastructure Design
Instructional Design
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Lighting Design
Logo Design
Mobile Design
Motion Graphics Design
Organization Design
Packaging Design
Print Design
Process Design
Product Design
Production Design
Research Design
Retail Space Design
Scenic Design
Service Design
Set Design
Software Architecture
Software Design
Sound Design
Transportation Design
Typography Design
Universal Design
Urban Design
User Experience Design
Wayfinding Design
Web Design

Visual Design

Visual design is the design of digital or physical things that are highly visual. The following are common examples of visual design.

Digital Design

Digital design includes a handful of design areas that are relatively large areas of employment due to the size of digital industries.

User Experience Design

The practice of designing interactive visual environments from the perspective of the user experience.

Product Design

The design of products both physical and digital. This overlaps with industrial design that is the design of physical things that are manufactured at scale. Product design is the broader term that includes things like software that aren't manufactured.

Fashion Design

The design of things that people wear for function and to express style, identity and culture.

Communication Design

The design of textual and visual messages.

Production Design

Design that goes into the production of performances, films, documentaries, animation and television.

Environmental Design

The design of spaces for function, visual appeal and other goals such as cost, sustainability, safety, security and accessibility.

Artistic Design

Areas of design that involve significant creative expression. In these areas, there is a large difference in style and talent between designers. As professions, artistic design fields tend to be unusually competitive.
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