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37 Examples of Design

 , July 20, 2021
A design is a plan to create something. Practically everything that people produce involves design. Likewise, intangible things such as processes can also be designed. The opposite of design is emergence whereby something is created without a plan. For example, a city can be designed with an urban plan or it can be left to emerge through the uncoordinated work of individual building projects. The following are common examples of design disciplines.
Algorithm Design
Brand Design
Business Architecture
Commercial Art
Communication Design
Construction Design
Costume Design
Craft Design
Engineering Design
Experiment Design
Fashion Design
Floral Design
Game Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Information Architecture
Infrastructure Design
Instructional Design
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Lighting Design
Logo Design
Organization Design
Packaging Design
Process Design
Product Design
Research Design
Scenic Design
Software Architecture
Software Design
Sound Design
Store Design
Transportation Design
Urban Design
User Experience Design
Web Design
The process of applying to design to work that isn't traditionally considered design is known as design thinking.
The structural design of things is known as architecture. This is also design but denotes a complex design whereby things are separately designed at the structural and detailed level. For example, a building that has an architectural design that specifies its structure and various interior designs that specify its rooms. In practice, various construction designs are also involved.
Information architecture is the structural design of information environments. For example, the way that screens and content are structured in a social media app.

Design Examples

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Design Examples
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Digital Design
Experiment Design
Game Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Lighting Design
Naive Design
Product Design
Software Design
Urban Design
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