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34 Examples of School Engagement

School engagement is the participation, attention, optimism and interest that a student demonstrates towards school life, school culture and academics. This is independent of academic results whereby a student with high engagement doesn't necessarily have high academic performance and vice versa. Likewise, some students will have high engagement with school life and culture but not with the academic aspects of school. The following are illustrative examples of school engagement.
Asks Questions in Class
Attention / Listening
Completing Homework
Conformance to School / Classroom Norms
Demonstrates Effort
Demonstrates Resilience / Bounces Back From Setbacks
Demonstrates Respect For Others
Emotional Involvement in School
Enjoys Recess / Breaks
Extracurricular Activities
Feels Safe at School
Feels Socially Included at School
Following Rules
High Attendance
Identifies With School
Interest in the Culture and History of a School
Leading / Participating in Group Assignments
Likes Being at School
Motivated to Improve
Motivation to Learn
Motivation to Socialize / Make Friends At School
Observes Honor System
Optimistic About School
Participates in School Events
Participation in Gym Class / Music Class / Art Class
Participation in Student Activities
Participation in Team Sports
Positive View of School
Seeks Out Help / Engages Teachers
Sense That School is an Opportunity
Shows High Interest in a Subject Area / Multiple Subject Areas
Task Diligence
Use of School Resources (e.g. counseling)
School engagement is not the absence of disruptive behaviors. A student may intensively dislike school or be completely aloof without disrupting things.
Rule following is an indication of school engagement as students who care about school may fear being admonished. This being said, a student can be both highly engaged and highly disruptive. Engagement relates to attention, participation and involvement as opposed to mere compliance.
Students may have low school engagement but do well academically due to diligence -- the ability to complete tasks even where you don't feel motivated.
Schools that shorten recess and other breaks may create disengagement as this can be a reason to like school. Play is a right of childhood.
Likeable, professional, talented, patient and kindhearted teachers greatly improve school engagement.
Some students dislike school due to an single subject area such as gym where they may feel out of their element or that they are socially excluded by peers in a particular class.
Schools that offer flexibility such as the freedom to choose from a broad range of classes and activities would tend to have higher engagement.
Bullying can greatly decrease school engagement.
School engagement is typically measured with surveys that capture self-reported behaviors, cognitive habits and feelings about school.
Overview: School Engagement
The participation, attention, optimism and interest that a student demonstrates towards school life, school culture and academics.
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