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60 Examples of Teaching Skills

Teaching skills are talents, knowledge, experience and character traits that are important to success as a teacher. These include instructional techniques, classroom management, communication, managing relationships with parents, subject expertise and flexible approaches such as differentiated instruction. The following are teaching skills that are commonly mentioned on resumes and job postings.
Adaptation to special needs
Addressing different learning paces
Assessment and evaluation
Assessment design
Building a positive classroom culture
Classroom discipline
Classroom environment design
Classroom leadership
Classroom management
Classroom technology
Coaching experience
Collaboration with colleagues
Community engagement activities
Conflict resolution
Continuous professional development
Cooperative learning
Critical thinking
Cultural competence
Cultural sensitivity
Curriculum development
Design thinking
Development of student portfolios
Differentiated instruction
Educational policies and standards
Empathy for students
Engaging students
Facilitation skills
Field trips and experiential learning
Foreign languages
Formative feedback
Individual education plans
Individualized instruction
Inquiry-based learning
Instructional design
Lesson planning
Literacy and numeracy instruction
Maintaining a positive classroom climate
Maintaining high academic standards
Motivating students
Multicultural education
Organization skills
Parent communication
Parent-teacher collaboration
Partnerships with parents
Performing arts instruction
Physical education instruction
Project-based learning
Social-emotional learning
Special education and inclusion
Subject expertise such as mathematics
Teaching decision-making
Teaching problem-solving
Teaching resilience
Verbal communication
Visual arts instruction
Visual communication
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