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36 Examples of Digital Design

Digital design is a catch-all term for design work that produces mostly digital work items. This is commonly used to refer to job roles or education programs that span more than one type of design. For example, a designer who is expected to produce web designs, mobile app designs, interaction designs and graphic designs. The following are common examples of digital design.
Advertising Design
Brand Identity Design
Business Creatives
Communication Design
Concept Design
Digital Media Design
Game Design
Graphic Design
Information Design
Interaction Design
Logo Design
Marketing Design
Mobile App Design
Modeling 2d / 3d
Motion-graphics & Animation
Packaging Design
Presentation Design
Product Design
Publication Design (digital publication)
Software Design
Typographic Design
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Web Design


Design that produces mostly physical things isn't typically viewed as digital design. This may be the case even where the designer themselves works in fully digital environments and produces mostly digital artifacts. The following are examples of design areas that aren't considered digital design.
Costume Design
Fashion Design
Graphic Design (print media)
Industrial Design
Interior Design
Lighting Design
Product Design (physical product)
Scenic Design
Sound Design

Digital Design

This is the complete list of articles we have written about digital design.
Digital Design
Digital Platforms
Digital Technology
Game Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Information Design
Interaction Design
Lighting Design
Marketing Design
Media Design
Product Design
Software Design
Visual Design
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