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60 Examples of Graphic Design

Graphic design is the practice of producing visual communication and art to commercial requirements. This relies on artistic sense and the ability to constraint this with practical concerns such as a brand style and business goals. Graphic design is extremely pervasive and shows up in architecture, interiors, products, services, publications, media, public spaces, film, video games and virtual environments. The following are common examples of graphic design.
Album Covers
Book Covers
Brand Identity
Business Cards
Commercial Art
Concept Illustrations
Corporate Identity
Creative Campaigns - e.g. advertising campaigns
Data Visualization
Digital Ads
Digital Experiences
Editorial Design
Environmental Graphics
Exhibition Design
Fashion Graphics
Film and Motion Graphics
Font Creation
Graphics for Industrial Design
Graphics for Virtual and Mixed Reality
Icon / Symbol Design
Illustrations / Drawing
In-store Environments
Interactive & New Media
Interior Design e.g. wallpaper
Marketing Collaterals
Merchandising Displays
Mobile App Design
Motion Graphics & Animation
Moving Image Design
Murals / Painting
Museum Design / Graphics for Art Events
Outdoor Advertising
Print Advertisements
Printed Materials
Product Design
Product Labels
Promotional Materials
Prop Design
Sales Collaterals
Scenic Design / Set Design / Stage Design
Social Media Design
Style Guides
User Interface Design / User Experience (UX)
Vehicle Graphics
Visual Communication
Visual Culture
Visual Identity
Visual Narratives
Website Design

Graphic Design

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Concept Design
Design Styles
Graphic Design
Logo Colors
Visual Design
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Graphic Design

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How to balance a design.

Types Of Graphic Design

Common types of graphic design.

Visual Identity

A definition of visual identity with examples.

Commercial Art

An overview of commercial art with examples.


The common elements of typography.


A definition of kerning with examples.

Marketing Design

An overview of marketing design with examples.

Design Styles

A list of the foundational design styles.

Information Design Examples

A list of the common types of information design.


A list of the common types of graphics.

Corporate Identity

Key types of corporate identity.

Corporate Reputation

A list of things that go into a firm's reputation.

Corporate Colors

An overview of corporate colors.

Corporate Reputation vs Corporate Image

The difference between corporate reputation and corporate image.

Words To Describe Business

A list of descriptive words for a business.

Business Verbs

A list of high impact business verbs.

Logo Colors

A chart of color symbolism for logo design with a large palette of logo colors.

Organizational Change Examples

An overview of organizational change with examples.

Words To Describe A Company

A vocabulary of unique words for describing a company.

Organizational Attributes

An overview of organizational attributes with examples.
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