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11 Examples of Job Grades

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Job grades are a type of organizational structure that are used to categorize jobs by level of authority and pay. A firm may have hundreds of job titles that are specific to the role of each employee. These can be sorted into levels using a system of a dozen or more job grades. The following are typical job grades.


The entry level across an organization. Typical of employees hired into their first job without much career experience.


An employee who has been promoted once or a new hire with some professional experience.


The top grade for non-professional roles that don’t require much education or extensive experience.

Advisor & Manager

Most modern firms have two professional tracks whereby you don’t need to become a manager to continue to rise in an organization.

Senior Advisor & Senior Manager

Senior management and professional equivalents aren’t yet considered middle management. Promotion to these levels may simply indicate seniority and years of service.


Directors are considered middle management and are expected to take on broad responsibility and accountability to justify their role.

Managing Director

In practice, the authority and pay of middle managers depends on the importance of their role as opposed to their job grade.

Executive Director

The highest type of middle manager. Again, if you’re not managing something important, directors may outrank and outearn you.

Vice President

Job titles that are reserved for executive organizational roles such as leading a department.

Senior Vice President

Roles with significant responsibility that may be candidates for Chief Officer roles.

Chief Officers & CEO

The named leaders of an organization who are visible to investors and the Board of Directors.
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