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16 Examples of Job Design

Job design is the creation, optimization, enlargement, enrichment and customization of jobs to meet the objectives of an organization and improve the employee experience. This is done as part of recruiting to attract new candidates and explain a role. Job design is also a continuous activity that redefines jobs to meet the changing needs of an organization or employee. The following are common elements of job design.

Org Chart

Where the job fits into an organization.

Job Level

Categories of authority within an org chart.

Pay Grade

The range of salaries that are possible in the role. This is often standardized across an organization as pay grades.

Reporting Structure

The reporting structure of an organization such as a system of direct reports versus matrix management.

Reporting Lines

A description or specification of reporting lines.


The objectives of the role and how they will be measured. Usually objectives change on a quarterly basis such that these are abstracted objectives that describe long term goals.

Job Rotation

A technique for making a job less repetitive by rotating roles on a regular basis.


A description of the formal authority of a role and related accountabilities.


Document any expectation that employees develop internal relationships and influence beyond their authority.

Relational Capital

The requirement that employees in a role develop an extensive network of professional connections.

Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the ability to influence in the context of a culture.

Working Conditions

A specification of working conditions including stresses such as travel requirements and benefits such as holidays.

Work-Life Balance

Special working conditions that help an employee to balance their work with responsibilities outside of the job such as family commitments.

Processes & Controls

A description of the processes and internal controls that apply to a job. For example, a requirement that a project manager adhere to a budget control process.

Mission & Vision

A big picture view of the job including how it adds value and solves critical problems for an organization. It is also common to include a vision that describes how the job makes the future better.

Job Description

A summary of a job design that communicates everything above in plain language. This may be published externally for recruiting purposes and should avoid internal jargon.
Overview: Job Design
The creation, optimization, enlargement, enrichment and customization of jobs to meet the objectives of an organization and improve the employee experience.
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