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22 Examples of Organizational Planning

Organizational planning is the end-to-end process of planning the structure, goals, strategy and actions of an organization. This begins with foundational things such as mission, vision and organizational structure. With these in place, there is a repeated process of setting goals and identifying strategies to achieve these goals. The following are common examples of organizational planning.
Mission and vision
Organizational structure such as an org chart
Organizational goals and objectives
Metrics, KPIs and reporting
Market research
Situational analysis such as SWOT analysis
Strategic planning
Strategy prioritization
Resource planning
Budget planning
Operations planning
Product planning
Project planning
Action planning
Communication planning
Risk management planning
Quality planning
Team planning
Tactical planning
Job planning
Gap analysis
Continuous improvement
The list above are all generic types of plan that can be used in any industry or domain. Many of these plans are outlined below.
A large organization may develop hundreds of different types of plans that are specialized to a particular purpose. For example, a capacity management plan for a data center or an inventory management plan for an ecommerce operation.
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Gap Analysis
Goal Setting
Operations Planning
Organizational Goals
Organizational Planning
Organizational Strategy
Organizational Structure
PESTEL Analysis
Quality Planning
Strategic Planning
SWOT Analysis
Team Planning
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