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23 Examples of Job Planning

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Job planning is the process of documenting the performance requirements and expectations for a role. This can be viewed as an internal job description that provides clear direction to the employee in the role and those managing their performance. The following are examples of what's included in a job plan followed by a template.
Job title
Department & team
Reporting lines
Job locations
Work schedule
Work flexibility arrangements
Job overview
Required qualifications
Preferred qualifications
Authority & accountability
Key relationships
Systems & tools to be used
Work objectives
Key performance indicators
Values & culture
Job expectations
Communication responsibilities
Safety & security responsibilities
Confidentiality & privacy
Compliance duties
Support provided
Career development support & expectations


The following example can be used as a template for a job plan.

Job Plan

Job Title
Software Developer

Designing and developing code to requirements and stakeholder expectations. Provide operational support for IT services.

Key Stakeholders
Information technology managers, business units, project management office, operations and end users.

Work Objectives
Deliver quality code to schedule. Support code in production to achieve high reliability and stakeholder satisfaction.

Key Performance Indicators
Stakeholder Satisfaction
Defect Rate
On-time Delivery
Incident Resolution Time

Job Expectations
Deliver functional software, maintain code quality, meet deadlines & commitments, effective cross-functional collaboration, resolve technical issues, compliance with cybersecurity practices, maintaining high productivity, responsiveness to requests and achieving high stakeholder satisfaction.

Professional Development
Software developers are expected to maintain high awareness of technological change, cybersecurity issues and industry trends. Professional development support will be granted with up to two weeks of paid training and/or participation in industry events each year.

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