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110 Examples of Work Responsibilities

Work responsibilities are specific duties and functions that define a job and role. These are outlined in a job description and may be adapted over time with processes such as goal setting. Clearly defining responsibilities and evaluating performance against those responsibilities is a basic type of management that provides each individual with a role in a organization. The following are common examples of work responsibilities.
Administer programs
Advocate for customers
Allocate resources efficiently
Analyze data
Architect systems
Automate processes
Build and manage customer relationships
Build high performance teams
Champion change
Clear issues
Close sales and achieve a high win rate
Collaborate with cross-functional teams
Communicate with clients
Complete process tasks
Conduct benchmarking
Conduct business experiments
Conduct feasibility studies
Conduct market research
Conduct performance reviews
Conduct usability testing
Conduct user research
Control costs and achieve financial targets
Coordinate project teams
Create project plans
Create revenue opportunities
Cultivate a positive team culture
Deliver action items
Deliver customer service
Deliver marketing campaigns
Deliver presentations
Design and implement services
Design graphics
Design instructional materials
Design user interfaces
Develop ad-hoc reports
Develop and execute strategy
Develop and pitch customer proposals
Develop business cases
Develop code
Develop new products
Develop plans
Develop schedules
Develop training materials
Develop, implement and monitor policies
Draft communications
Drive business expansion
Establish and maintain professional relationships
Estimate work effort
Evaluate and test work to produce high quality deliverables
Generate leads
Grow revenue
Identify and evaluate suppliers
Identifying customer needs
Implement processes
Improve product usability
Improve the customer experience
Increase customer loyalty
Increase revenue per customer
Lead support
Maintain high levels of professionalism
Maintain systems
Make timely decisions
Manage assets
Manage client accounts
Manage data
Manage executive relationships
Manage facilities
Manage inventory
Manage low performance
Manage meetings
Manage products
Manage projects
Manage risks
Manage the procurement process
Manage vendor relationships
Manage work schedules
Measure and report business results
Measure processes
Meet commitments to stakeholders
Mentor junior team members
Monitor communications
Onboard employees
Optimize content and achieve high conversion rates
Organize events
Partnering with stakeholders
Perform administrative duties
Perform analysis
Perform assigned tasks
Perform public speaking at industry events
Plan and control budgets
Prepare financial reports
Prioritize work
Produce media
Protype designs
Provide customer service
Provide employees with timely feedback
Provide recommendations
Provide subject matter expertise
Recruit and retain talent
Redesign processes
Research and document solutions
Research industry trends
Resolve customer complaints
Resolve incidents
Respond to questions and concerns
Set direction
Set expectations
Solve customer problems
Train employees
Troubleshoot technical issues

Work Roles

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