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73 Examples of Organizational Goals

Organizational goals are the things that an organization plans to achieve in a period of time. These are the top level targets of an organization that shape all strategy, planning and decision making. An organization can set both short and long term goals and these can change at any point in time in response to internal factors such as leadership and external factors such as social change or competition. The following are common examples of organizational goals.


For profit seeking firms, financial goals are mostly related to revenue and cost. For other organizations, financial goals can relate to financial stewardship and achieving reasonable costs for outcomes.
Increase revenue
Achieve growth
Reduce cost
Improve margins
Achieve return on investment
Return on assets
Reduce debt
Generate cash flow
Achieve a target cost per outcome
Raise funds
Retain donors
Maintain a reasonable program efficiency ratio
Sustain the organization into the future
A program efficiency ratio relates to how much of a non-profit's spending goes to its core mission.

Organizational Goals

Goals that capture the efficiency, maturity, speed, quality and outcomes of your internal processes, practices and teams.
Productivity rate
Efficiency rate
Turnaround time
Cycle time
Reliability rate
On-time delivery rate
Time to market
Response time
Reducing incidents
Regulatory compliance
Standards compliance
Competency rate
Stakeholder satisfaction
Employee satisfaction
Absenteeism rate
Schedule variance
Budget variance
Production yield
Inventory turnover
Stock-out rate
Cost of quality
Cost of risk

Markets, Customers & Stakeholders

Goals related to external results such as markets, customers and stakeholders.
Market share
Market penetration
Customer acquisition cost
Customer lifetime value
Customer satisfaction
Reducing customer complaints
Brand recognition
Brand awareness
Customer loyalty
Average order value
Customer retention rate
Conversion rate
Program effectiveness
Program outcomes
Impact measurement

People & Planet

Measuring your impact on communities and the environment. This includes major environmental and social indicators. It is also common to measure to some specific outcomes that you have produced such as a bank that provides low interest loans to 100,000 very small businesses in a five year period.
Carbon footprint
Energy efficiency
Energy use
Waste output
Resource consumption
Water consumption
Volunteer hours
Safety incidents
Code of conduct compliance
Reduction in grievances and complaints
Poverty reduction
Life expectancy
Literacy rate
Reduction in housing insecurity
Educational achievement rates
Health outcomes
Employment outcomes
Social outcomes
Economic outcomes
Access to services
Social impact assessments
Environmental impact assessments
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