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45 Examples of Merchandising

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Merchandising is the process of designing and organizing retail environments and the display of products within these spaces. This includes the process of selecting products, placing them within a store and marketing them with multisensory communication such as visuals, text, sounds and scents. The following are common examples of what's involved in merchandising.
Brand Imagery
Brand Representation
Branded Shopping Bags
Charity Partnerships
Clearance Racks
Color Schemes
Community Bulletin Board
Customer Reviews
Customer Surveys
Digital Signage
Ecommerce Integration
Endcap Displays
Fitting Rooms
Floor Graphics
Gift Wrapping Station
In-store Promotions
Interactive Displays
Interactive Kiosks
Limited-time Offers
Loyalty Program Displays
Membership Programs
Personalization Options
Point-of-sale Displays
Price Comparison Graphics
Price Tags
Product Bundles
Product Demonstrations
Product Information
Product Packaging
Product Placement
Product Sampling
Promotional Signage
Sales Promotions
Scent Marketing
Seasonal Decorations
Seasonal Gift Guides
Staff Recommendations
Store Fixtures
Store Layout
Window Displays
An endcap display is a display area at the end of a row of shelves.
A planogram, also known as a POG, is a diagram that shows how to place products on a shelf or other type of display.
Brand representation is where you conform to the spirit, visual identity and rules of a brand such as a brand style guide.


Merchandising is the total process of designing a retail location from a marketing perspective. It is also the process of marketing products at the physical point where they are sold.


It should be noted that merchandising includes the design of products and product packaging. For example, designing a product to fit within a particular space on a shelf. Product packaging is viewed as part of visual merchandising.
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