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17 Examples of Persuasion

Persuasion is the process of trying to convince others to act or to change their thinking. This is a critical element of politics, business and life in general as we are all put into positions where we want to influence the ideas and behaviors of others. The following are illustrative examples of persuasion.
A magazine advertisement tries to persuade a target audience that a drink is refreshing, part of a vibrant lifestyle and associated with positive emotions.
A child tries to persuade their parents that they should have more screen time because it's educational.
An employee memo tries to persuade employees that a new work-from-the-office policy is beneficial to all.
A friend tries to persuade another friend that a movie was brilliant.
One side of a debate argues that a government overreacted to a problem and created secondary risks.
Decision Making
The principle of a school tries to convince a school board not to close a historic and high performing school.
Devil's Advocate
A teacher plays devil's advocate by temporarily trying to convince a class of an unpopular opinion in order to draw critical thinking and lively debate.
In an essay, you argue that the Renaissance was sparked by the Bubonic Plague of 1347-1352.
Failure of Objectivity
A journalist tries to persuade their audience of their opinion as opposed to presenting the facts in an objective manner.
A manager tries to persuade an executive to fund a technology project.
Job Interviews
You try to persuade an employer that you're the best candidate in an interview.
The packaging of a box of cookies tries to persuade customers that the product is healthy and natural.
A film attempts to persuade an audience of a particular viewpoint on an issue.
A friend tries to persuade another friend to go out in a text message.
An employer tries to persuade a prospective employee that a salary offer is the best they are going to get.
Public Speaking
A public speaker tries to convince an audience that a social issue is important and urgent.
A salesperson tries to persuade a customer that a vehicle is safe.
Persuasion is a well understood domain. For example, techniques such as ethos pathos and logos originate in antiquity and still underlie most persuasion today.
Modern approaches to persuasion include things like nudge theory, social proof and call to action.
Overview: Persuasion
The process of trying to convince others to act or to change their thinking.
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