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14 Examples of the Publishing Industry

 , March 11, 2020
The publishing industry is the preparation, production, marketing and distribution of written content. The following are the basic elements of the publishing industry.


Book publishers including fiction and nonfiction.


Serial publications that are produced on a regular schedule such as monthly or weekly. These include magazines, journals, newsletters and yearbooks.


A periodical produced frequently that covers the latest news.

Digital Publishing

Publishing in a non-physical format such as an ebook or website.

Mobile Publishing

Digital publishing for mobile devices such as a mobile website or app that offers written content.

Academic Publishing

The publishing of academic research and scholarship. This plays an important role in the dissemination of knowledge as academic publications may peer review articles and gain a reputation for selecting important works.

Trade Publications

Journals, magazines and digital publications that serve to share knowledge across an industry or profession. For example, a subscription service that provides the latest news in the green energy sector.

Accessible Publishing

Publishing content in formats such as braille, audiobook and large font that make the content more accessible.

Small Press

Publishers that have low revenue as compared to the dominant publishers in their industry. These firms play a critical role in recognizing talented authors and important information that larger publishers are likely to ignore.


The process of publishing your own work directly without a publisher. For example, a blog is often self-published. It is also possible to publish a book for a small fee per copy.

Vanity Publishing

The ethically dubious practice of charging authors to publish a book. Self-publishing should be extremely inexpensive and any consulting and marketing fees to generate demand are unlikely to workout as the publishing industry is extremely competitive such that only a very small fraction of authors ever make any money. As such, any financial investments by the author in marketing a book are very unlikely to produce results.

Commercial Publishing

The production of written works of a commercial nature such as catalogs and promotional magazines.

Specialty Publishing

The production of specialty items such as a school yearbook or calendar.


The production and distribution of sheet music.
Overview: Publishing Industry
DefinitionThe preparation, production, marketing and distribution of written content.
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