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55 Examples of Business Analysis

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Business analysis is the process of developing information, knowledge and plans for business change. This generally involves information gathering, measurement & calculation, solution design and resolution of issues. The following are common examples of business analysis.
Action Plan
Business architecture
Business case
Business plan
Business processes
Business rules
Change management plan
Change requests
Communication plan
Competitive intelligence
Cost-benefit analysis
Customer analysis
Customer experience analysis
Decision analysis
Decision rationale
Feasibility studies
Gap analysis
Impact analysis
Implementation plans
Lessons learned
Market research
Mission statements
Non-functional requirements
Pain point analysis
Partner evaluations
Process analysis
Procurement plans
Project charters
Quality assurance plans
Return on investment
Risk assessments
Risk management plans
Scope statements
Stakeholder analysis
Strategy plans
Test cases
Test plans
Trend analysis
Use cases
User interface specifications
User stories
Vision statement

Business Requirements

Describing required changes in enough detail to implement and test them. For example, gathering requirements from dozens of stakeholders for a technology project and resolving inconsistencies to produce a business requirements document that is consistent, atomic, cohesive and feasible.

Non-functional Requirements

Requirements that describe the qualities and characteristics of change in areas such as customer experience, operations, risk management, compliance, usability and information security. For example, a corporate style guide that describes how products, services, information, communications and user interfaces will look and feel.


Developing meaningful ways to measure things such as metrics for a business process that will highlight inefficiencies such as bottlenecks.


Developing numerical comparisons to understand how your organization is performing relative to an industry, competitor or theoretical maximum or minimum. For example, an ecommerce company that develops a benchmark to compare shipping costs with a close competitor.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis seeks to find problems and inefficiencies in processes, practices and tools such as an evaluation of a process that identifies opportunities for improvement.

Project Charter

A project charter defines a project including background, objectives, scope, assumptions, constraints, risks and roles & responsibilities.

Strategy Planning

Support of strategy planning such as a proposed solution to achieve a goal.

Business Case

Developing a proposal for change to existing elements of a business. For example, a business case for a project that includes objectives, scope, payback analysis, risks and alternatives.

Business Planning

Developing a proposal for a new business or line of business such as a business plan to invest in a new industry.

Budget Planning

Support of budget planning processes such as an analysis of cost and risk for a proposed initiative.


Developing estimates of task duration, cost and risk. For example, estimating the probability and impact for a set of identified risks.

Competitive Intelligence

Developing information about industries, competitors, markets and customers. For example, an analysis that estimates the cost base of a competitor.

Market Research

Developing knowledge related to customer needs, preferences and market trends such as an analysis of what type of socks young snowboarders need and want.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis such as a revenue forecast for a product.

Problem Analysis

Problem analysis such as a root cause analysis for a technology outage.

Technical Analysis

Guiding the process of developing technical solutions, plans and knowledge. For example, developing an inventory of systems and applications with an assessment of the health of each.

Risk Analysis

The process of identifying, assessing and treating risks. For example, developing risk treatments for a set of identified business risks.

Scenario Planning

Making plans for things that might happen such as a business disaster plan for an office location.


Overview: Business Analysis Examples
The process of developing information, knowledge and plans for business change.
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