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18 Examples of Digital Asset Management

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Digital asset management is the practice of administering the digital collections that an organization owns, controls or has the right to use such as photos, videos, multimedia and documents. This is critical to the process of complying with the law and leveraging the value of an organization's digital rights, media and documents. The following are examples of digital asset management.

Asset Identification

The process of identifying your digital assets.

Creation & Acquisition

Supporting the creation and procurement of digital assets.

Asset Organization

Structuring information environments for storing and accessing digital assets.

Search & Retrieval

Tools for searching and exploring digital media and documents.

Version Control

Tracking and managing versions of assets.

Metadata & Tagging

Data attached to assets that describe things like source, copyright, ownership, contents and rights.


Workflows for managing assets such as approvals and review processes.

Asset Security

Information security for digital assets including encryption, authorization and authentication.

Rights & Permissions

Tracking rights and permissions for digital assets.

Brand Assets

A single source of truth for brand guidelines, templates and assets.


Converting assets to different formats to support channels, platforms and devices.

Distribution & Publishing

Making sure that assets get used by publishing, communicating and making them available.

Internal Controls

Controls such as approvals for access and use.

Analytics & Reporting

Tools for exploring data about digital assets.

Backup & Restore

The process of ensuring assets are never lost.

Audit Trail

Recording everything that happens to digital assets including access.

Lifecycle Management

Tracking changes, updates, revisions and deletions.

Verification & Quality

Checks and audits to verify the quality of digital files.
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