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33 Examples of Team Planning

Team planning is the process of establishing the structure, strategy, goals and action plans of a team.

Roles & Responsibilities

The process of planning the structure of your team including roles, responsibilities, authority and reporting lines.
Task analysis
Job design
Job descriptions
Organizational chart for team
Reporting structure such as matrix management
Delegation processes
Succession planning
Team culture including informal roles such as leadership and mentors

Team Strategy

Developing a strategy at the level of your team. This typically has to align to the strategy of your department and organization.
SWOT analysis
Strategic objectives
Identify metrics and KPIs
Gap analysis
Strategy formation
Return on investment analysis
Strategy prioritization
Targets and milestones
Assign resources to each strategy
Schedule, budget and road map
Budget approvals
Stakeholder reviews of plan
Plan approvals
Team strategy – pulls all the artifacts above together in a unified plan

Goal Setting

The process of assigning work to team members and agreeing to performance goals at the beginning of a year. This begins with a set of team goals and progresses to assigning work to team members and establishing SMART goals that can be used to evaluate performance.
Team goals
Work assignments
Employee proposes set of objectives for work assignments
Managers work with employees to refine these objectives
Employee and manager agree to performance objectives and both sign-off on a final set of targets
Priorities often change and employees may seek revised performance goals when they are reassigned and work is reprioritized.

Action Planning

The ongoing process of assigning work as action items. These are often tracked in a team report or similar artifact that is updated in weekly meetings.
Identifying and assigning action items
Setting expectations for work
Action planning
Progress tracking
Issue logging and clearing
Team reporting
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