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Team Issues

84 Examples of Team Issues

Team issues are problems or risks that prevent a team from reaching its full productive potential. These include management, strategic, structural and culture issues that prevent a team from moving together as one towards common goals in a productive, cooperative and creative way. The following are common examples of team issues.
Low Trust
Interpersonal Conflict
Excessive Secrecy
Cronyism / Favoritism
Lack of Accountability
Blame Games
Failure to Recognize Failure
Failure to Comply to Policy, Process and Procedure
Negative Office Politics
Poor Habits
Insufficient Onboarding
Resistance to Change
Lack of Candor / Honesty
Low Productivity
Low Work Quality
Disorganized Adhoc Processes
Overly Structured / Rigid Processes
Inflexible / Bureaucratic
Low Engagement
Lack of Creative Tension
Lack of Competition
Lack of Diligence
Group Narcissism
Lack of Urgency
Excuses Over Results
Poor Reputation Within Organization
Hostile Towards Customers
Hostile Towards Partners
Hostile Towards Other Teams
Lack of Cooperation
Talent Shortfall
Toxic Positivity
Inefficient Meetings
Failure to Address the Root Cause of Problems
Lack of Commitment
Low Work Ethic
Ethical Lapses
Inefficient Tools
Inefficient Processes
Low Standards
Low Expectations
Ineffective Management
Lack of Comradery
Lack of Loyalty
Unmanaged Risk
Poor Strategy
Competitive Disadvantages - e.g. as compared to internal competition
Low Customer Satisfaction
Poor Working Conditions
Stressful Work e.g. regularly handling dissatisfied customers
Low Budget
Lack of Internal Controls
Knowledge Shortfall
Overproduction of Documents
Lack of Documentation
Red Tape
Lack of Cost Discipline
Lack of Creativity e.g. heavily criticized for venturing wild ideas
Fear of Criticism
Negative Reactions to Criticism
Group Harmony e.g. lack of constructive criticism
Lack of Recognition
Excessive / Easy Recognition
Excessive Feedback
Lack of Self-Direction
Lack of Feedback
Lack of Priorities
Overcomitting e.g. accepting impossible work assignments
Undercomitting e.g. everyone avoids action items
Not Invented Here - a tendency to reinvent things that exist
Disconnection from Market, Industry and Customer Realities
Inappropriate Behavior


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