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70 Examples of Company Issues

Company issues are problems, challenges and risks faced by a business. These can include external issues related to markets, customers, partners, regulations and competition. Company issues also include internal problems and challenges in areas such as management, processes, systems, culture, productivity, communication and performance. The following are common examples of company issues.
Changing customer needs
Changing customer perceptions
Political disruptions
Compliance to laws and regulations
Product / service quality issues
Price competition
Product competition in areas such as quality and features
Technological change and disruptive innovation
New competitors enter your market
Global competition e.g. reduced trade barriers
Making required investments / improvements to stay competitive
Expanding into new markets
Diversifying your products, markets and partnerships
Identifying and managing business risk
Changing business models in your industry
Missing revenue targets
Cost management issues
Modernizing old systems and applications
Poor product reviews
Handling customer complaints
Recruiting / retaining talent
Changing employee expectations e.g. expect to be able to work from home
Low employee engagement
Failing projects
Projects that exceed budget and schedule
Clearing project issues
Operational disruptions and production outages
Reducing incidents such as IT failures
Addressing the root cause of incidents
Quality control issues such as shipping defective products
Quality assurance issues such as poorly designed products
Political instability, disruptions and shutdowns
Meeting financial targets
Managing relationships with customers
Managing relationships with investors
Financing / refinancing
Information security vulnerabilities
Inefficient processes
Improving working conditions
Managing performance and productivity for remote work
Aligning efforts across an organization
Managing low performing employees
Implementing internal controls
Company culture issues
Negative internal politics
Interpersonal conflict between employees
Lack of coordination / cooperation across groups
Passing audits
Employee misconduct
Loss of major customers
Loss of major partners
Economic issues such as a recession
Labor strikes / employee protests
Supply chain disruptions and shortages
Improving systems and processes
Building brand recognition and image
Building awareness of your products and services
Acquiring new customers / closing deals
Managing inflation and the rising cost of inputs
Managing exchange rate volatility
Improving the environmental and social impact of your company
Improving communication and reducing misinformation / misunderstandings
Improving designs
Building up competitive advantages
Creating disruptive innovations
Leading in an industry as opposed to following the competition
Building up the capabilities and organizational maturity of your firm
Service culture shortfalls - e.g. unfriendly or unprofessional service interactions
Customer advocacy - making sure customer feedback drives improvements
Managing / meeting commitments to customers, employees and partners

Company Culture

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