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8 Examples of Middle Office

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Middle office is an organizational layer of a bank that handles critical and time sensitive controls, execution and decision support functions. As the term suggests, middle office functions typically require close coordination with both the front and back office. The following are common examples of middle office functions.


Risk management including market and credit risk.


Trade monitoring and compliance.

Order Management

Front office executes trades and middle office manages the remainder of the trade lifecycle.

Product Control

Product control such as position limits.

Information Technology

Technology functions that are critical to the front office.

Decision Support

Decision support such as performance reporting.


Management of collections, disbursements, investment and funding activities.

Financial Controls

Financial controls and monitoring.


The middle office differs widely from bank to bank.
The same functions may exist at different levels in middle and back office. For example, compliance may be divided into middle and back office teams that perform complimentary roles.
The term middle office is heavily associated with banking and investment banking but is occasionally used in other industries.
Overview: Middle Office
An organizational layer of a bank that handles time sensitive controls, execution and decision support functions.
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