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41 Examples of Management Goals

Management goals are the business targets of a manager or business. These are designed to be measurable and directly meaningful to the strategy and performance of an organization. The following are illustrative examples.


Launch new products to grow revenue by 12% to $23 million per quarter.

Unit Cost

Reduce the unit cost of widgets by 7% to $33.44 without impact to quality.

Gross Margin

Increase gross margin to 44%.


Reduce human resources costs by 17% to $15 million per year by simplifying processes and cutting activities that have questionable value.

Operating Margin

Increase operating margin to 14%.

Cost Effectiveness

Replace the content management system to reduce cost per user 177% to $14 per month / user.

Return on Investment

Achieve a 70% return on investment for the data center expansion project within 5 years.


Increase the productivity of devops by 14% to $190 / hour.


Reduce water usage by 8% to 400 liters, or 106 gallons, per ton for the vegetable washing process.

Turnaround Time

Improve the turnaround time for setting up new customer accounts to 90 minutes from 3 business days.


Increase the change request throughput of the development team to 3000 story points a month.


Increase manufacturing output by 23% to 1.8 million units a month.


Complete the environmental restoration of our Louisiana facility and achieve regulatory approval to rezone and sell the property.


Transform our business model to offer advanced robotic vacuums for a monthly service fee that includes support, maintenance and end-of-life product replacement. Measurement: 5-year revenue growth.

Time to Market

Begin marketing robot-as-a-service products within 45 days across all regions.

Time to Volume

Achieve 50,000 customers for robot-as-a-service within 180 days.

Cash Conversion Cycle

Reduce the cash conversion cycle to 90 days.

Budget Variance

Deliver the environmental restoration project to budget with a budget variance of less than 5%.

Schedule Variance

Deliver the billing automation project on time with a schedule variance of less than 5%.

Risk Exposure

Reduce product liability risk exposure by $10 million by improving the safety of our bicycle helmet products.

Capability Rate

Increase the frustration free packaging capability rate to 70% of products.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Reduce customer acquisition cost by 5% to $22.50.

Win Rate

Increase win rate to 40% for government cloud contracts.

Share of Wallet

Increase share of wallet to 60% for corporate mobile services.

Revenue Per Customer

Increase revenue per customer 11% to $440.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with glassware purchases to 99.7%.

Customer Perceptions

Improve customer perceptions of service quality to 90%.

Brand Recognition

Improve brand recognition to 60% of target market.

Brand Awareness

Improve top of mind brand awareness to 40% for the category children's helmets.

Churn Rate

Reduce monthly churn rate to 0.5%.

Sales Volume

Increase sales volume to 300,000 units in the European market.

Run Rate

Attain a run rate of $10 million a month by the end of Q2.

Figure of Merit

Achieve 24% conversion efficiency for our production solar panels.


Reduce severity 1 & 2 incidents by 50% to 20 a year.

Time to Resolution

Improve incident time to resolution by 20% to 22 minutes.


Improve the availability of feature attractions in our theme parks to 99%.

Defect Rate

Reduce the quality control defect rate to 0.01%.

Cycle Time

Reduce the cycle time of the product refurbishing process by 300% to a business day.

Takt Time

Reduce the takt time of the product refurbishing process to 10 minutes.


Recruit talent for the sales teams to increase the size of the team to 42 salespeople and achieve revenues of $48 million per year.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve the employee satisfaction of high performing salespeople to 95%.

Management Goals

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