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Business life are the business and professional elements of an individual's life. It is often supposed that work is separate from life but naturally it is also part of your life. Where people are immersed in their career and business, this may be quite a large part of their life. People often notice this when they retire whereby suddenly social, creative and productive processes related to work end and a person is left to fill their time with something new. The following are common examples of business life.
Awards and recognition
Bouncing back from mistakes, errors, failures and disappointment
Business travel
Career advancement such as promotions
Career changes
Client relationships
Continuous learning and professional development
Corporate events
Creative work
Cross-functional collaboration
Customer service interactions
Decision making
Earning respect and credibility
Handling criticism
Industry conferences
Influencing and persuasion
International business experiences
Leadership experiences
Local business interactions
Managing difficult conversations
Managing teams
Navigating business problems, issues and crisis
Office politics
Opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and experiences
Partner relationships
Pitching ideas
Problem solving
Productivity time
Professional workshops
Providing feedback
Public speaking and presentations
Relationship building
Risk taking and initiative
Rites of passage such as welcoming new employees
Roles and responsibilities
Sales meetings
Setting goals
Social meals at work such as team lunches
Stakeholder relationships
Status and authority
Strategic thinking and planning
Team building activities
Team celebrations
Team events
Training and professional development activities
Winning and the experience of achieving goals
Work friends
Working abroad
Workplace norms
Workplace stress
Workplace traditions
In practice, people tend to find business experiences as being personally fulfilling particularly activities that are social, productive or creative. Overcoming challenges at work such as solving technical or business problems can also feel quite rewarding in the end.
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