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22 Examples of a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a clear and concise statement of a hypothesis, position, opinion, argument or finding. These are a critical element of academic papers that can be used in any type of writing, such as a business email or presentation. Thesis statements help to avoid the common mistake of writing on and on without making a clear point. The following are illustrative examples of a thesis statement.


An indirect thesis statement promises to make a point later. This is a poor practice that is characteristic of mediocre writing.
We will show that there is reason to doubt the government's position on ocean pollution from the fishing industry.
There are three major reasons that Vietnam's economy is well positioned for growth.


A direct thesis statement explicitly states your point This is a feature of mature writing as this tends to have high impact. The point of your thesis statement is to state a position and the body of your writing is dedicated to argument and evidence.
The fishing industry is a major source of marine waste and this is poorly regulated.
Vietnam's economy is likely to experience high growth in the coming decade.
The common belief that Napoleon had an inferiority complex originates with British propaganda and media as opposed to the behavior of Napoleon himself.
The quality of consumer products has declined in the past five years in response to inflation whereby producers are under pressure to reduce costs.
Learning to code from a very young age doesn't necessarily make you a better coder later in life.
The nature versus nurture debate is counterproductive as a large number of variables on each side influence behavior.

Numerical References

Citing a number, any number, in a thesis statement tends to be perceived positively as it makes your argument feel empirical.
Vietnam's economy is posed to grow between 3-7% per annum in the coming decade.
The occupational and home use of gloves that are cut and fire resistant could prevent 12,000 hand and finger injuries per year.


A thesis statement that offers analysis. This is the process of understanding the whole by looking at its parts.
Approximately __% of people who are physically active are also overweight or obese suggesting that diet plays a large role in these conditions.
A random sampling of marine debris from 9 beaches in Oahu found that __% of specimens were likely products of the fishing industry.
Consumers are generally dissatisfied with the quality of men's undershirts such that there is an opportunity for a brand that offers higher quality at an affordable price.


An exposition explores the background narrative of an issue, event, work or theory.
Awareness of workplace health and safety issues amongst students is low, with less than 15% of students being aware of the risks associated with part-time and summer jobs in various industries.
The central theme of MacBeth is free will whereby characters are shown to control their own destiny.
Catch-22 is a tragedy and farce that highlights the absurdities of war, society and systems.
_____'s analysis is an example of presentism whereby she assumes that historical people were motivated by contemporary notions of individualism over the collectivism, duty and faith that were more prominent values and motivations in the 1890s.


An argument presents a theory or position that is supported with logic and fact. The thesis statement itself may present only the argument as the body of your writing presents your supporting logic.
Fashion choices are a predictor of personality traits with a particularly high correlation between formal fashions and diligence.
The Cold War made society more socially conservative until the active conflict of the Vietnam War created social conditions that allowed liberal viewpoints to once again flourish.
Rough and tumble play is important to the development of children as it builds social skills, confidence and physical abilities.


Proposing a solution to a problem.
Biochar is a cost effective and easy to deploy way to sequester carbon, improve farming yields and offset soil erosion.
A microservices architecture with durable and redundant services that are developed and owned by small teams will dramatically reduce service downtime by at least 90%.

Poor Examples

The following are examples of poorly structured or written thesis statements.
Overly Vague
There are reasons to think that some substances cause health problems.

Stating the Obvious
People who are addicted to video games spend more time in front of screens.

Weasel Words
According to most scientists, socializing is a major cause of disease spread.
Weasel words are a reference to an anonymous authority such as "according to science ...", "most doctors believe ...", or "engineers will tell you..."


It is common for education systems to come up with a formula for essays, particularly for young children. For example, a rule that a thesis statement be the last sentence of the first paragraph and that it be restated and rephrased in the last paragraph, or conclusion.


The examples above are illustrative and fictional. For example, we have no opinion on the prospects for Vietnam's economy.


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