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50 Examples of Business Pain Points

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Business pain points are problems with a business from the perspective of management and employees. This can be contrasted with customer pain points that are problems with your products and services from the perspective of customers. The following are common examples of business pain points.
Low partner performance
Loss of customers
Negative publicity
Inefficient processes
Cybersecurity incidents
Employee absenteeism
Disengaged employees
Project delays
Cost overruns
Project defects
Service outages
Incidents, issues and problems
Product defects
Product design issues
Compliance issues
Customer complaints
Inconsistent strategy
Lack of cooperation between teams
Team conflicts
Interpersonal conflict
Low performing coworkers
Poor system usability
Systems fail to support work
Time wasting meetings, events and training
Lack of budget
Limited resources
Employee burnout
Strong competitors and intensive competition
Inconsistent promotions
Ethical issues
Lack of autonomy
Lack of authority
Lack of direction
Outdated or malfunctioning technology
Lack of feedback
Poor working conditions
Safety issues
Excessive bureaucracy and red tape
Experiencing discrimination
Workplace bullying
Negative office politics
Inability to innovate and change
Slow time to market
Unresponsive management
Poor relationships with customers
Shifting customer needs and perceptions
New regulations
Political instability
Supply chain disruptions
Resistance to change
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Pain Points

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