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71 Examples of Internal Issues

Internal issues are problems, risks and inefficiencies that are fully within the control of an organization. Although these are within an organization's power to solve, this doesn't mean that internal issues are easily solved as they can be intractable problems that persist for decades or drag an organization down. The following are common examples of internal issues.
Audit Failures
Bench Strength
Competency Shortfall
Compliance Violations
Corporate Narcissism
Cost Competitiveness
Data Quality Issues
Disconnection from Customer Realities
Disconnection from Market / Industry Realities
Employee Attrition
Employee Disengagement
Employee Productivity
Employee Relations
Environmental Impact
Failed / Failing Projects
Failed / Unimaginative Strategy
Failing Technology
Failure Fatigue
Flawed Organizational Structure
Governance Failures
Hostility Towards Customers
Hostility Towards Stakeholders
Inefficient Technology
Information Security Vulnerabilities
Knowledge Loss
Knowledge Waste
Lack Capabilities (e.g. inability to manage risk)
Lack Project Management Capabilities
Lack of Alignment
Lack of Commitment / Authenticity
Lack of Confidence in Leadership
Lack of Financial Discipline
Lack of Internal Cooperation
Lack of Measurement
Lack of Process Maturity
Late Projects
Latent Human Error
Long Turnaround Times
Low Creative Output
Low Ethical Standards
Low Partner Performance
Management Style
Naive Design
Negative Company Culture
Negative Office Politics
Overbudget Projects
Planning Shortfall
Poor Communication
Poor Employer Brand / Reputation
Poor Internal Controls
Poor Usability of Technology
Poor Work Quality
Poor Working Conditions
Process Efficiency
Product Design Shortfalls
Quality Control / Assurance Failures
Redundant Processes
Resistance to Change
Resource Efficiency
Shortfall of Knowledge / Know-how
Social Impact
Time to Market
Tone at the Top
Unable to Recruit Talent
Wasted Resources

Internal Issues vs External Issues

Internal issues are fully within your control. External issues are beyond your direct control. It would be a mistake to think that all business issues are either internal or external as it is common for issues to be partially within your control. For example, if a partner is delivering poor service to your customers you can try to control this by monitoring the partner and measuring their performance against your agreement with them. However, the partner's performance isn't fully within your control.
Overview: Internal Issues
Problems, risks and inefficiencies that are fully within the control of an organization.
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