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9 Examples of Decision Mapping

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Decision mapping is the visualization of a decision. This is a broad term that can apply to any list or diagram of decision opinions and alternatives. The following are common approaches.

Decision Statement

Formally defining and specifying the decision to be made.

Pros & Cons

Listing out the pros and cons of various options.

Influence Diagrams

Listing choices that link to possible conditions that link to possible outcomes.

Decision Matrix

Compare options across multiple factors in a table.

Pareto Analysis

Rank the impact of things that you could do and select the highest impact actions.

Decision Trees

A decision tree depicts decision points and possible outcomes as a tree.

SWOT Analysis

List strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to a decision.

Cost-Benefits Analysis

Assess the costs and benefits of choices.

Mind Mapping

Draw a flow of ideas and relationships between ideas related to the decision. This can include areas such as goals, options, outcomes, risks, costs and benefits.
Decision mapping doesn't require any special technology or tool and is most commonly performed on paper or in a standard office productivity suite.
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