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Business Problems

64 Examples of Business Challenges

Business challenges are issues, problems and risks that are faced by a business. These include external challenges such as regulations, taxation, access to credit and competition. Business challenges can also be internal such as unproductive employees or processes. The following are common business challenges that include problems and risks faced by small, medium and large firms.
Access to Credit
Administrative Overhead
Anti-competitive Practices of Competitors
Attracting Customers
Changing Customer Needs
Changing Customer Perceptions
Closing Sales
Competitive Pressures
Concentration Risk (e.g. one customer or product dominates your sales)
Cost Reduction / Cost Control
Cost of Labor
Cost of Materials / Parts / Components
Cost of Real Estate / Locations
Customer Relationships
Customer Retention & Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction / Low Rankings and Ratings
Cybersecurity / Cybercrime
Disputes with Competitors / Partners / Customers
Economic / Market Uncertainty
Employee Benefits / Cost of Benefits
Employee Productivity
Establishing a Brand
Exchange Rate Instability
Failing Infrastructure / Equipment / Software
Failing Projects / Poor Project Management
Global Competition
Government Shutdowns
Growing Revenue
High Debt / Low Liquidity
Improving / Controlling Quality
Inefficient Processes
Integration of Systems / Data / Technologies
Internal Politics / Negative Office Politics
Investor Relationships
Lack of Internal Cooperation
Legacy Technology
Legal Disputes
Low Conversion Rates
Low Employee Performance
Low Margins / Net Profits
Low Partner Performance
Marketing / Promotions Fail to Achieve Target
Measuring Employee Performance
Operational Failures / Production Shortfalls
Organizational Culture / Resistance to Change
Political Instability
Poor Internal Communication
Price Competition
Product Failure / Lack of Demand
Recruiting Talent
Red Tape
Refinancing / Interest Rate Risk
Regulations & Compliance
Reputational Issues
Retaining Employees
Seasonal Risk (e.g. low consumer confidence at Christmas)
Software Usability
Supply Chain Disruptions
Tax Burden
Tax Complexity
Technological Change
Time Consuming Customers / Partners / Employees

Business Problems

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