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4 Examples of Design By Committee

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Design by committee is the tendency for designs produced by group decision making to be of poor quality. This is a example of the abilene paradox whereby group decisions represent a series of social compromises as opposed to a rational decision.


A project where 12 stakeholders contribute requirements without any creative vision that makes sure that these requirements are collectively valuable, consistent and cohesive.
A meeting to design a logo where everyone contributes ideas such that the logo reflects a series of social comprises.
An office redesign where several executives get their ideas included but these concepts all clash terribly.
A product that includes unpopular functions and features that decrease its quality because everyone wanted to generate some ideas and have them included during a design meeting.

Creative Control

Valuable designs are typically the work of a talented designer with creative control. Designers may incorporate feedback from customers and peers but final decisions need to come from a single creative vision. Design relies on elements such as style that differ widely from one designer to the next. Attempts to compromise often result in a confused style, form and function.

Diseconomies of Scale

Large firms are more likely to have many stakeholders involved in requirements and design such that design by committee can be viewed as a disadvantage that may allow small firms with a few talented designers to outcompete.
Overview: Design By Committee
A poor quality design that results from a series of social compromises.
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