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Business Problems
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84 Examples of Business Issues

Business issues are problems, incidents and risks that influence business outcomes. This includes competitive issues related to markets and customers. Business issues can also be internal issues related to productivity, efficiency, costs, quality and change. The following are common examples of business issues.
Bad Publicity
Bench Strength
Brand Recognition / Awareness
Collecting Accounts Receivable
Company Culture Issues
Competitors Improve Their Products / Services
Compliance Issues
Concentration Risk
Corporate Narcissism
Cost Competitiveness
Credit Risk
Customer Attrition
Customer Attrition
Customer Complaints
Customer Experience Issues
Customer Needs Change
Customer Perceptions Change
Declining Demand for Product
Declining Sales / Revenue
Demographic Change
Disasters & Disruptions
Disconnection from Customers / Culture / Society
Disconnection from Industry Realities
Employee Engagement
Employee Turnover
Employer Branding / Rankings
Environmental Impact of Your Business
Exchange Rate Risk
Failed Projects / Changes
Failed Strategy
Failing Business Model / Revenue Model
Financial Mismanagement
Financing / Refinancing
Global Competition
Government Shutdowns
Inaccurate Forecasts / Estimates
Increasing Costs
Ineffective Commissions / Incentives
Ineffective Promotion / Marketing
Inefficient Business Processes
Information Security Weaknesses & Threats
Infrastructure Failures / Shortfalls
Innovations of the Competition
Interest Rate Risk
Knowledge Loss
Lack of Accountability
Leadership Failures
Legacy Technology
Loss of a Partner
Low Performers
New Market Entrants
Operational Failures
Overbudget / Late Projects
Overcomplexity of Technology
Partner Performance
Partnerships of the Competition
Political Instability
Poor Customer Relationships
Price Competition
Process Turnaround Time
Product / Service Quality Issues
Product Liability
Product Positioning Issues
Product Rankings / Ratings / Reviews
Recruiting Issues
Regulations / Regulatory Risk
Regulatory Actions
Reputation / Brand Image
Resistance to Change
Resource Mismanagement
Service Culture
Slow Projects / Changes
Social Impact of Your Business
Strategic Alignment (i.e. everyone moving in a different direction)
Supply Chain Disruptions
Technological Change
Technology Usability
Time to Market
Trade Barriers / Tariffs

Business Issues

This is the complete list of articles we have written about business issues.
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Business Issues
Business Situations
Concentration Risk
Credit Risk
Customer Attrition
Exchange Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk
Internal Issues
Internal Risks
Knowledge Loss
Legacy Technology
Organizational Problems
Price Competition
Service Culture
Time To Market
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