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10+ Quality Control Terms

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Quality control is the process of detecting mistakes in the production of products and delivery of services. It is a process of ensuring that things meet their function requirements, non-functional requirements and detailed specifications. Quality control may test every product produced and every service interaction. Alternatively, quality control may test representative samples. The following are common quality control terms.

Quality Control

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Cost Of Quality
QC Process
Quality Analysis
Quality Control
Quality Inspection
Quality Issues
Quality Planning
Quality Problems
System Quality
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Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

The difference between quality assurance and quality control.

Testing vs Quality Control

The difference between testing and quality control.

Defect Rate

A definition of defect rate with 4 calculation examples.


A definition of conformance with examples.

Administration Examples

An overview of administration with examples.

Quality Assurance Process

An overview of the quality assurance process.

Quality Improvement

An overview of quality improvement with examples.

Quality Culture

An overview of quality culture with examples.

Quality Planning

An overview of quality planning with examples.

Types of Quality

A list of quality types.

Quality vs Value

The subtle difference between quality and value.

Quality Metrics

The common types of quality metrics.

Service Quality

The primary types of service quality.

Experience Quality

The common types of experience quality.

Critical To Customer

A definition of critical to customer with examples.

Design Life

An overview of design life with examples.

Planned Obsolescence

The common types of planned obsolescence.

Quality Objectives

The definition of quality objectives with examples.

Credence Quality

A definition of credence quality.
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