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46 Examples of Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is conformance to specifications. This is one aspect of quality that together with design quality produces products that meet customer expectations. Manufacturing quality is a process of planning and control that efficiently produces products to specifications while continuously monitoring for problems to improve. The following are common examples of manufacturing quality.
Assembly correctness
Batch traceability
Chemical safety
Color accuracy
Component alignment
Component lubrication
Component quality
Component tension
Dimensional accuracy and precision
Edge finish
Electrical safety
Fastener tightness
Formulation correctness
Humidity resistance
Hygienic and clean
Impact resistance
Labeling accuracy
Material specifications
Mechanical safety
Noise level
Odor control
Packaging integrity
Part mobility
Pattern alignment
Pressure resistance
Product dimensions
Product features
Product functionality
Product strength
Regulatory compliance
Scratch resistance
Seam alignment
Seam strength
Standards compliance
Surface finish
Temperature resistance
Thickness uniformity
Vibration level
Water resistance
Weld integrity
Manufacturing quality should not be confused with overall product quality that includes both design quality and build quality. Product quality conforms to customer expectations while manufacturing quality simply conforms to specifications. Manufacturing teams and partners may have no control over design -- their job is to accurately produce the design at scale.
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