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9 Examples of an Elite

An elite is a group that hold social power such as wealth, authority and influence. The following are illustrative examples of an elite.

Upper Class

Wealthy families that have maintained their wealth for at least three generations. This is associated with specialized cultural capital whereby the upper class in a particular nation have shared behaviors that serve to unite them and preserve their position.

Nouveau Riche

Families that have recently acquired wealth. These are often an entrepreneurial class that collectively control more resources than the upper class but haven't demonstrated an ability or desire to maintain this position over many generations.

Political Elite

Politicians, bureaucrats and others who control the vast resources of nations.

Corporate Elite

The officers and directors that control the resources of large corporations.

Cultural Elite

Leaders of culture such as the leadership of a religion. People who are interested in culture such as art may consider themselves a cultural elite but this isn't an accurate description as interest doesn't constitute social power.

Academic Elite

Highly cited professors who lead the direction of an academic discipline.


People who are unusually talented such that they dominate the direction of a science, industry, sport or art. For example, an artist who founds an artistic movement that influences the entire future direction of art.

Social Status

Individuals with very high social status, particularly celebrities such as musicians, actors and other people who are widely admired for their creative outputs. The elite of celebrities become household names such that virtually everyone in a nation has heard of them.


People with the capacity to meaningfully influence either a small number of powerful people with direct communication or millions of regular people through media. In most cases, this is a limited type of power that doesn't directly control any resources. It is also common for influence to be overestimated with vanity metrics.
Overview: Elite
A group that hold social power such as wealth, authority and influence.
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