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17 Examples of Collective Behavior

Collective behavior is shared behavior that is spontaneously formed by a distinctly group process. This occurs independently of systems and structures such as the laws of a society or the formal authority structure of an organization. The term collective behavior is associated with the behavior of relatively large groups whereby social processes shape behavior at some scale. However, a similar effect occurs in groups of any size. The following are illustrative examples of collective behaviors.
Collective Consciousness
Collective Hysteria
Collective Narcissism
Fear of Missing Out
Herd Behavior / Swarm Behavior
Saving Face
Shared Expectations
Shared Identity
Social Exclusion
Social Inclusion
Social Movements

Detailed Examples

A particular style of socks is suddenly popular with high school girls across an entire city or nation.
A crowd in a large room suddenly rush for the exits based on some perceived danger that doesn't actually exist.
People in a city send negative social signals (rudeness) to someone who breaks some local norm of behavior by talking loudly on a mobile phone.
Students in a school feel they can't express what they really think because they know it violates prevailing groupthink.
The crowd at a concert experience a euphoric sense of shared experience whereby they feel shared emotions and a sense of cohesion and comradery with strangers.
People in a nation, city or corporation develop a sense of collective narcissism whereby they are collectively self-interested, self-admiring and oblivious to problems.
Market participants rush to buy a trendy new asset driven by a fear of missing out.
Overview: Collective Behavior
Shared behavior that is spontaneously formed by a distinctly group process.
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