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Robot Highways vs Drone Delivery

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Robot highways are segregated highways for delivery robots. They may be designed for either long distance or local delivery of goods. Being segregated from human transport, robots could move extremely quickly and space on the highway can be optimized by algorithms. In the case of local delivery, last mile delivery might be achieved at low speed using sidewalks or roads. This requires robots to be nice to people. For example, they might be designed to always give people right of way.
Drone delivery is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for delivery.
Robot Highways vs Drone Delivery
Robot Highways
Drone Delivery
Transportation routes for land-based robot delivery.
Delivery by unmanned aerial vehicles.
Long Distance
Potentially Noisy
People may not be overly concerned with robot sensors on sidewalks for last mile delivery.
Cameras in the air, particularly at window heights, is a privacy concern.
Impact on Quality of Life
Potentially low as highways could be covered with bike paths or green space on top.
Potentially high as drones filling the skies may be considered aesthetically unappealing.
Land Use
Uses less land than current system of truck deliveries. Robot highways need not be at human scale, they might be designed for the typical size of packages.


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