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What is Cloud Robotics?

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Cloud robotics is the use of cloud computing to implement robotic functionality.


  1. Robots that execute telecommands issued by cloud services.
  2. The use of cloud computing techniques to implement robotic functionality.
  3. Robots that act as cloud clients allowing cloud services to implement a variety of physical functions.


Cloud computing is scalable allowing robots to use far more computing resources than could physically fit inside the unit. Cloud resources such as computing and storage can be scaled up when the robot faces a challenging problem and then reallocated to other productive uses when the robot is idle.
A robot can be implemented as dumb client with limited functionality when it loses its connection to cloud services. Alternatively, cloud computing can be used to augment the onboard functionality of robots.


Cloud robotics allows one physical robot to be used for different purposes. Robots can be designed as relatively inexpensive generic machines that simply execute commands issued by cloud services.


A robot could be leased by a mining company one day to perform a dangerous maintenance task. The mining company might control the hardware with its own cloud services. The next day, the same robot might be leased by an individual to attend a cocktail party using another cloud service that implements robotic telepresence.
Overview: Cloud Robotics
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