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What is Semi-Autonomous Technology?

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Semi-autonomous is a term for automation that can make decisions and perform actions without direction. The term implies technologies that can handle real-world conditions that are unpredictable and dynamic.

Autonomous vs Semi-autonomous

An autonomous technology doesn't accept any external commands from systems or users. This is rare as normally people want to control technology they pay for. An example of a fully autonomous technology would be a space probe that is intended to explore remote regions of space where communication of commands would be prohibitively slow.

Robots vs Semi-autonomous Technology

Robots are defined as autonomous or semi-autonomous machines. As such, semi-autonomous technologies are essentially robots.


An example of a semi-autonomous machine is a vacuum cleaner that can clean a room by dynamically navigating around people, cats and furniture. Such a machine accepts commands from users such as go and stop but mostly makes its own decisions after that.
Overview: Semi Autonomous
Automation that can make decisions and perform actions without direction.
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