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6 Examples of Autonomous Robots

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An autonomous robot is a machine that acts and behaves with a high degree of independence. By definition, robots are at least semi-autonomous meaning that they can react to some events and conditions without need of direction. The term autonomous robot suggests a machine that can accomplish complex objectives without need of external control. The following are illustrative examples.

Delivery Robot

A robot that can deliver a package to an address given real world conditions such as traffic, pedestrians, urban landscapes, emergencies and weather. Ideally, such a robot would be designed to exhibit polite behavior to humans and avoid hurting people above all other priorities. For example, if there is an old lady walking slowly on the sidewalk the robot might follow 5 feet behind as opposed to an inch.


Autonomous capabilities are particular useful in space where there is a significant communication lag with systems on earth.

Social Robots

A robot designed to socialize with humans such as a pet robot. Real pets are independent and spontaneous and such products typically try to simulate such behavior.

Game Bot

An entity in a game that competes with humans. Ideally, such entities act much like humans as opposed to being simple scripts. For example, a game bot might independently decide to join forces with another player.

Self Maintenance

A robot that works in remote locations such as underground that can fix itself when it breaks.

Managing Exceptions

Humans can manage exceptions and don't require well defined inputs to be productive. Industrial robots could potentially do the same with abilities to solve problems when unusual things happen.
Overview: Autonomous Robots
A machine that can accomplish complex objectives in real world conditions without need of external direction or control.
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