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What is a Cyborg?

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A cyborg is a human or animal that has been physically integrated with a computer and other mechanical components. It is a technology that tends to generate a number of legal and ethical questions.

Restorative Technology

Human integration with computers is an evolving medical technique. For example, direct brain implants have been used to treat non-congenital blindness.

Human Enhancement

The use of cyborg technology to enhance human abilities is controversial because it is likely to lead to a competitive race condition that results in humans becoming increasingly robotic. For example, people may feel pressure to submit to cyborg technology in order to compete at school, work or in other activities such as sports. Likewise, nations may feel competitive pressure to convert their military or workforce into cyborgs.

Existential Risk

Physically changing humans to be integrated with machines for the purposes of enhancement represents a existential risk to humans whereby we are driven by competition to become completely robotic with time.
Overview: Cyborgs
Physical integration of computing power into human beings or animals.
Social upheaval due to a divide between cyborgs and non-cyborgs.
The likelihood that people will feel that they have to submit to cyborg technology in order to compete at school or in the workforce.
The potential for humans to become increasingly robotic until humanity no longer exists.
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